C-Long (Vitamin C 500 mg):

  • C-Long (Vitamin C 500 mg):
    • C-Long (Vitamin C 500 mg) in the form of sustained release pellets into a hard gelatin capsule!
    • C-Long (Vitamin C 500 mg) capsule taken in the morning after breakfast supplies to the body over 8-9 hours of Ascorbic acid!
    • Ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin and a powerful antioxidant!
    • People who live in the city should increase their intake of vitamin C!
    • Due to the high levels of carbon dioxide in the city, C-Long helps the human body eliminate it!
    • Vitamin C is easily depleted in stressful situations!
    • Smokers and older people have a greater need for Vitamin C!
    • Each cigarette destroys 25-100 mg of Vitamin C!
    • C-Long prevents many viral and bacterial infections and stimulates the immune system!
    • Increases the body’s resistance to influenza and cold!


    Use:  Take one (1) capsule with water in the morning after breakfast. Only one (1) capsule C-Long (vitamin C 500 mg ) sustained release pellets is enough for the whole day!

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