Dormilek complex:

Dormilek complex:

Dormilek complex is the newest formulation of our company. It combines well known ingridientes for a complete natural product that is the solution for problems with falling asleep and irregular waking up during the night.

Information about the ingredients:

Melatonin (3mg): helps falling asleep, improves sleep quality and duration!

Valeriana officinalis extract (100mg): calms the nervous system, treats agitation and anxiety!

Passiflora incarnate extract (100mg): helps to defeat the worry and concerns which may affect falling asleep!

Vitamin В6 (2mg): aids the healthy functioning of the nevous system and liver, works with synergy and in conjunction with all of the other ingredients!

  • Effective and natural product!
  • Helps falling asleep quicker and easier!
  • Helps treating the everyday stress and anxiety, so that you wake up refreshed in the morning!
  • Helps with jetlag and suitable for people working on shifts!
  • This is NOT a sleep drug and you can not become addicted!

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