Melatonin Plus

Melatonin is produced naturally in the human body. With age the body reduces the production of melatonin and sleep problems start to occur. That leads to other physiological problems. Abnormal functioning of the biological clock seriously affects the length and quality of human life. It has been shown that melatonin reduces fatigue, disorientation and helps with mood swings and jetlag in most people after long flights. Taking 3 mg melatonin in combination with vitamin B6 2 mg reduces the time to fall asleep and unpleasant awakenings during the night.


  • Helps with insomnia!
  • Makes falling asleep easier and improves sleep quality!
  • Ensures good and prolonged sleep and synchronizes the biorhythms!
  • Prevents waking up at night!
  • Regulates the natural biological clock of the body!
  • Helps with deactivation of the free radicals which are threatening to the human body!
  • Suitable for people working on shifts and when changing time zones!
  • Strong antioxidant effect!
  • The product is especially suitable for elderly people with sleep disorders!
  • Helps in stressful situations when the night sleep is difficult to implement!
  • Helps regeneration of cells and tissues during the night!


– Мелатонин Plus не е сънотворно лекарство и не води до привикване!


If falling asleep is difficult or you have sleep disorders, you may have a lack of melatonin in your body!


Use: Take 1 capsule Melatonin Plus with water, one( 1)hour before bed time.

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