Mелатонин Plus

The friend of good sleep!

C – Long

Rise the shield of your immunity!


Passiflora Relax

Намери своя баланс!

Dormileck Complex

Healthy sleep = prosperity!

Learn more Passiflora Relax
Helps with calming tensed nerves and cases of anxiety!
Helps in case of anxiety and irritability!
It has a mild sedative effect!
Helps lowering the nervous tension!
Helps in case of difficulty falling asleep!
Learn more C – Long Vitamin C Mental and physical fatigue caused by stress!
Cold and flu symptoms!
Stronger immune system!
Smoking addiction!
Powerful antioxidant!
Learn more Dormilek complex
Helps with insomnia
Makes falling asleep easier and improves sleep quality
Ensures good and prolonged sleep
Prevents waking up at night
Regulates the natural biological clock of the body
Suitable for people working on shifts and when changing time zones
Learn more Melatonin Plus
Helps with insomnia!
Makes falling asleep easier and improves sleep quality!
Ensures good and prolonged sleep and synchronizes the biorhythms!
Prevents waking up at night!
Regulates the natural biological clock of the body!
Helps with deactivation of the free radicals which are threatening to the human body!
Learn more Party Help
Party HELP is a natural nutritional supplement formulated of highly effective plant extracts.
It helps to reduce the unpleasant effects of alcohol consumption, stimulating the faster elimination
of toxins out of the body. It boosts and aids the liver functions.
Learn more Vitamin D3 combo
Powerfull combination for strong immunity!

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Our mission is to give people uncompromising quality and high value through our products. We strive to formulate helpful nutritional supplements that are created from natural substances, herbal extracts, minerals and vitamins.

The company was founded in 2008 by a family of master pharmacists. The main values that we pass on through our products are impeccable quality, professionalism, rich experience, added value and affordability.

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The founders of the company believe in the idea and potential of food supplements of natural origin, through which better health and a happier life can be achieved!

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C – Long Vitamin C
Passiflora Relax
Dormilek complex
Vitamin D3 combo
Party Help

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